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A-Team Insight Webinar (Recorded): Building Low Latency Trading Systems in Low Latency Time!

Sponsored and presented by IBM, co-presented by Chi-X Global Webinar & Slides

Click below to watch the webinar (recorded Nov. 9, 2010), or download the slides–for free! In today’s ultra-competitive electronic trading marketplace, having lower latency than the rest is the only way to succeed. But there’s more to success than just the lowest latency system - your firm also needs the agility to move first into new asset classes, leverage new liquidity pools, react to increasing regulatory pressure, and seize trading opportunities to maximize alpha.

Watch this educational webinar to learn how you can rapidly build, deploy and maintain high performance, adaptable, resilient and scalable low latency trading infrastructure, while also minimizing deployment risk and TCO.

As part of the webinar, you’ll hear how Chi-Tech leveraged IBM’s Financial Market Frameworks - an offering including software, hardware and services - to leap ahead of its competition. Also featured is an overview of an IBM reference architecture for high performance low-latency trading systems, incorporating IBM’s WebSphere® MQ Low Latency Messaging, the IBM XIV® a file system and IBM System x® and BladeCenter® servers. Performance benchmarks of this architecture are also discussed.

Download the PowerPoint slides:

[download id=7561]

Watch the video:

Running time: 49 minutes 51 seconds

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