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Solace, Arista, Intel’s NetEffect Demonstrate Hardware-Based Messaging Solution

Solace Systems, which provides hardware-based messaging middleware, has collaborated with Arista Networks and Intel’s NetEffect unit to demonstrate an ultra low-latency data delivery solution using hardware platforms.

The collaborative effort uses Arista Networks’ low latency switching technology in 1GigE mode, NetEffect Gigabit Ethernet adapters on client computers and a Solace Systems 3260 Content Router for ultra-low latency messaging. In tests, the solution measured end-to-end market data delivery from the publishing feed infrastructure routed to the appropriate receiving applications. Tests used 100 byte messages at rates of 500,000 messages per second to simulate peak US market data rates for all equities, commodities and FX instruments. Testing resulted in an average latency of 31 microseconds and a 99.9th percentile latency of 47 microseconds with a standard deviation of just 6 microseconds.

A second test with 100 byte messages at 1,000,000 messages per second was run to simulate rates greater than peak OPRA market data activity. This yielded an average latency of 35 microseconds and a 99.9th percentile latency of 55 microseconds, with a standard deviation of 7 microseconds. The combination of these three technologies demonstrated that tens to hundreds of microseconds can be removed from high-volume market data configurations when compared with standard software and Ethernet switching technology.

All testing was completed in a configuration common to any production customer environment: one Solace 3260 Content Router, one Arista Networks 7124S Ethernet Switch in 1GigE mode and one NetEffect Gigabit Ethernet adapter per client. Financial firms with ultra-low latency requirements should expect to obtain very similar results in their own networks using this configuration. The test criteria were chosen to represent common, real world configurations and do not represent the maximum capabilities of each product. For example, in a two blade configuration, a Solace content router can handle 10 million messages per second (5 million in and 5 million out).

According to Mansour Karam, director of marketing and business development at Arista, “by replacing legacy 1GigE switches with Arista Networks switches in either 1GigE or 10GigE mode, customers will save tens of microseconds and ensure consistent ultra-low latency across the market data delivery platform.”

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